From Friday Harbor to Switzerland, Preparing for Baselworld 2013

How does a remote fabricator accustomed to dealing with Ph.Ds in physics, plasma science, and aerospace prepare for the largest watch and jewelry show in the world?

Friday Harbor, a small town in San Juan County, Washington is home to a corporation that flies under the radar for most Washingtonians yet has played an important role as a supplier to companies in the aerospace industry for over 35 years. These high quality foil alloys are painstakingly crafted from more than seventy different metals, compounds, and organics. They have the strength to withstand spacecraft launch and extreme pressure differentials while still maintaining their integrity. Coincidentally, these metal alloys also result in something quite beautiful, resulting in the spinoff of a new business unit, LuxeFoil™, which targets a commercial line of its foils to the horological (high-end watchmaking) and jewelry markets.

LuxeFoil™ will debut its collection of unique materials including precious metals to luxury watch brands at BASELWORLD 2013 in Basel, Switzerland. As the largest watch and jewelry show in the world, BASELWORLD is a showcase for all the major watch brands which, last year welcomed 104,000 people from more than 100 different countries. This is vastly different from a typical aerospace conference. For this new venture we recruited a team out of Seattle to take us to market. Their plan includes creating an entire brand for LuxeFoil™, deploying a new website and social media profiles, shooting a promotional video and odd-hour calls to Switzerland to design the LuxeFoil™ exhibit.

The video production was a team effort.  An hour drive and a ferry ride later, a team of videographers – sound engineer, cameramen and producer – and our project team reached LuxeFoil™ headquarters. The videographers came to capture some of our fabrication process and facilities and to interview LuxeFoil™ president, Travis. Ayers.  They were also treated to a tour of the new facility.

Here are some photos of the first video production shoot; we’ll be bringing you photos from the second shoot, which includes an exotic car.


The team was ready to begin filming following the tour…

One of the components of this video production was a sit-down interview with Travis Ayers, president of LuxeFoil™.

There is much more to come as we prepare for Switzerland and entry into this market.  Keep up with us on our journey through Facebook, Twitter and future blog posts.