About LuxeFoil™

Introducing a new age in metallurgy that promises a brilliant direction in horological aesthetics.

LuxeFoil™ is the sole provider of a collection of ultra-thin metals to couture fashion brands and manufacturers. Formed with cutting-edge nanoscale techniques, carefully crafted mélanges of pure gold, titanium and zirconium result in previously unseen shades of cerulean and emerald with ravishing texture and shine.

Imagine a timepiece with an innovative design that includes metals so pure and precise that NASA uses them in satellites. For over 40 years, LuxeFoil™ ’s parent company has provided these rare metals to aerospace and satellite companies. LuxeFoil™ ’s patent-pending, proprietary fabrication process delivers extremely thin (500 times thinner than human hair), lightweight and pure metal that can be wrought into limitless design possibilities.